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How leadership has evolved: 2000 versus 2020

In the past decade, leadership was meant to be mugged up from a book. It was never believed to change for the generations to come. But no one could stay distant from reality — leadership is a complicated ball of mess now.

The only way one can hope to thrive as a successful leader is to readily understand and overcome the changes. Let’s see how this concept has evolved over these years.

  1. Then: Autocratic Leadership was in rage those days.

Now: Inclusive leadership is being practiced today extensively.

2. Then: Leaders used to focus on results rather than team’s growth.

Now: Their team’s personal development matters rather than just the end results.

3. Then: Chalking out what to do all alone and conveying the team about how to deal with the challenges

Now: Technology has eased everything to a great extent.

4. Then: Commanding and control were greatly used in those times

Now: Today, focus is given more on empowerment and inspiration.

5. Then: Leaders juggled their responsibilities however burdened they may be.

Now: Well. certain things are hard to change!

What do you think about this transformation? Share your views in the comments below!



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